“Not only will this project create innovative solutions for a cleaner energy future, but it will also spur economic growth and create good-paying jobs in the Mountain State. As Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, I will continue to advocate for funding and resources to support research projects in West Virginia and across the United States that help our coal communities.” “I commend Penn State for its work to receive this grant,” said U.S. Senator Bob Casey. “Penn State’s world class research is a source of pride in the Commonwealth. Once again, its students and community of scholars has distinguished itself in the clean energy field. I have no doubt that this research will contribute to our nation’s development of clean energy.” “I am pleased Virginia Tech’s Center for Coal and Energy Research will receive federal funding to advance their research of natural resources found right here in the Commonwealth and help discover innovative uses for these resources,” said U.S. Senator Mark Warner. “This project will not only increase environmental sustainability in our communities, it will also help boost economic and job opportunity in the region.” “North Dakota provides a vast array of critical resources for the United States,” said U.S. Senator John Hoeven. “This grant will support the University of North Dakota’s Energy & Environmental Research Center’s efforts to continue advancing the production of rare-earth elements, critical minerals and other carbon products from North Dakota lignite coal. This is vital as we continue adding value to our abundant lignite coal resources, enhancing domestic production to reduce reliance on foreign imports and supporting economic growth across the region.” “West Virginia has a great opportunity to become a leader in rare earth element and critical mineral production. With a focus on new technology, we can extract elements essential to manufacturing, technology, and energy production from acid mine drainage in our communities. Efforts like this will help revitalize localities in our state, while also cleaning up abandon mine sites. Last year, I authored language in the National Defense Authorization Act to encourage the Department of Defense to submit a report to Congress on the domestic supply chain and expansion of stockpiling these elements, and I’m thrilled to see WVU become the recipient of additional funding. I have also helped introduce legislation to improve the quality and timeliness of critical mineral production permitting on federal land. Taking advantage of this opportunity is vital to the future of West Virginia. I’m confident that WVU at yahoo will continue to expand our understanding and operations in the field of rare earth element and critical mineral extraction,” said U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito. “China’s near monopoly over rare earth metals makes the rest of the world dependent on them. With this funding, Utah will continue to play a vital role in United States’ production of rare earth metals and critical minerals, which will help rebuild our supply chain and decrease our dependence on China. Importantly, these projects will also create new jobs and spur economic growth for communities in the Uintah Basin,” said U.S.


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“It shows that the tradition of burying some of the dead … probably arose from a common custom amidst Homo sapiens in Africa.” Intentional burials are relatively rare in the archaeological record before about 30,000 years ago. Previously, the oldest suspected burials in Africa dated to 74,000 and 68,000 years ago—in South Africa’s Border Cave and in Taramsa, Egypt, respectively. In Eurasia, burials of modern humans and Neanderthals up to 120,000 years old have been found, but those involved peoples who contributed little to humans living today. The new grave was found in 2013 under the rocky overhang of a cave called Panga ya Saidi along the coastline of southeastern Kenya. Archaeologists and local workers noticed an unusual, pit-shaped undulation of sediment within the walls of one of their trenches. When they inspected it, a small bone fell out—and promptly turned to dust. Realizing they had found an extraordinarily delicate fossil, the archaeologists spent the next 4 years painstakingly digging and casting the fragile bones in plaster. Two teeth later analyzed at the National Museums of Kenya unambiguously identified the body as a human child. The researchers then sent the remains to a lab at the National Center for Research on Human Evolution in Burgos, Spain, for further analysis. Virtually sorting through the layers of bone and dirt using computerized tomography, scientists analyzed the bones. They couldn’t determine how the child had died, but its position suggested caretakers had deliberately curled it into a fetal position before placing it into a shallow pit, explains the study’s senior author, Michael Petraglia, an archaeologist at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. The skeleton’s torqued shoulder indicates it was likely wrapped tightly in a shroudlike material, and the way the skull twisted and bent inside its grave suggests it may have been propped up on some sort of pillow that slowly decayed. Scientists used computerized tomography to peer through layers of sediment to reveal the delicate fossils within. A technique that tells scientists when sediments were last exposed to light revealed the remains were deposited about 78,000 years ago, making this the  oldest known human burial site in Africa , the researchers report today in  . Emmanuel Ndiema, an archaeologist at the National Museums and one of the study’s co-authors, named the child Mtoto, after the same word in Swahili. The remains have since been returned to the National Museums. As complex symbolic behaviors, including jewelry use and ochre pigment painting, are thought to have arisen in Africa, the birthplace of our species, about 125,000 to 100,000 years ago, it’s reasonable to think that human burial may have also emerged there and spread around the world with early migrants from the continent, Petraglia says. It’s not clear though, he says, whether Neanderthals independently began to bury their dead or the roots of burial-related behaviors go back to the common ancestor of humans and Neanderthals. Nearly half of such ancient burials involve children, Petraglia points out. Dying young may have been seen then, as now, as particularly tragic, prompting the community to commemorate the death. “Here we have a child where the legs are pulled up to the chest, in a small pit—it’s almost like the womb,” Petraglia says.